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  • Price from: $2.5
  • Deadline: 24 hours

Retouchup provides a photo retouching solution for professional photographers. Retouchup artists are located in Lima and Peru. Retouchup is a family business on this side AND the Peruvian side of the business. The owner’s brother and sister-in-law manage the large team of talented Photoshop artists. 


As the company grew, it hired mostly family, friends of family and family of the friends of the family. The artists receive above-average pay for their work, take pride in working with computers and digital imaging, yet at the same time. There’s a cost saving because of the difference in economies.


Since the artists enjoy their jobs and stick with Retouchup, the studio can afford to invest in education most couldn’t. Retouchup has done several onsite pieces of training on different techniques by Photoshop gurus, including Katrin Eismann, author of Photoshop Retouching and Restoration.


Retouchup artists do photo retouching and restoration full time, meaning that year after year, their skill improves. This studio guarantees its work. The Retouchup team is quick, accurate, and the guys listen attentively to your feedback.


  • This service is created exclusively for photographers. If you are not a photographer, your account will be deleted.
  • The studio fulfills all orders very quickly.
  • The team performs only the work that is specified in terms of reference.
  • The studio is located in Uta, USA.
  • You may encounter language barriers.


  • The studio team produces a relatively high-quality result.
  • The site is not up to date. While working with the site, layout errors are noticeable. There is a feeling that the site is not supported.


  • In the studio, prices for services are average.
  • Retouchup offers 3 flat-priced retouching categories: Complete Retouch, Complete Plus and Special Services.

RetouchUp users' reviews:



Good service and good prices

Julius W.


For me, as a client, stability is essential. The company has been on the market for a long time, so I trust it. I can’t say anything about others. I see no reason to change the retoucher if Retouchup does a great job.



They only work with businesses, so I was unable to register on the site. I can’t evaluate their level in photo processing, so if you are a model (like me), then it’s easier to work with another service.

Walter Hensley


Sometimes they do a fantastic job with a quick turnaround and sometimes they take two weeks to get a job back.
Most often, edits to their completed work are ignored.

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